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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sacramento - Week 2

Due to the new security measures requested by the Mission leaders, the names of all investigators and people that Sarah comes into contact with will be replaced with the name of a well-known character from a children’s movie. This will keep the identities of people safe as well as make it easier to keep everyone straight. The name given is in NO WAY intended to reflect the personality, looks, or circumstances of the individual(s).

Monday February 4, 2013

Italics are additional Information

So, it's been a busy week. Thanks for the Valentine's package! We have been munching on the chocolates all week.
Next package you send, birthday or whatever whenever I'd love my silver basketball shorts that I left at home.
So this week Sister Loli was sick at the beginning of the week so we spent a lot of time at home studying. Wednesday we went to a member's house for dinner. They live in a neighborhood next to a little airport and so EVERYBODY has airplanes! One Brother has a WWII restored plane like his dad learned to fly in the war and he let us climb in and take pictures. He said he always promises the missionaries when they come back to visit he will take them up in the plane for a ride.
We did service the other day and the Elders came and helped so we took them out to dinner. Everyone's favorite place here is Mongolian BBQ. It's a fun little hole in the wall and really delicious. Our Investigator came to stake conference this weekend and she seemed to enjoy it for the most part. She said she would come to church next week so we will see.  We are making great progress on her house though. Once it is clean she will be healthier mentally and emotionally and therefore spiritually too. The Stake President is her financial adviser and he is the one who referred her to us. He's always encouraging us to hang with her because "She needs the gospel." It's true. Everybody does.
We went to lunch at the Subway here. The man who owns it LOVES the missionaries. He tells us that his Subway is blessed because we come in and that we bring a great peace. He always gives us part of our meal (a cookie, a drink, etc.) on the house. He is Indian but from England. One of these days we will get him baptized.
In the adult session of stake conference this week, President made all the new sister missionaries stand up and talked about how we were making history and he had a picture of us that was going in the stake history. We were like total celebrities at Stake Conference. Everybody wanted to talk to us and we didn't get home till nearly 10!
We started teaching two kids, Barbie and Ken (10 and 13). Their dad is an RM (returned missionary) who had two marriages where the wives left. Now he is recently remarried and active. The kids want to be baptized, but their real mom won't let them. Pray that she will let them be baptized! They are really great kids.
Brother Doolittle story for the week :
We went over for lunch and he gave us a lesson (where he'll pull out something awesome from Jerusalem and we talk about it and he teaches a principle of missionary work and gets us pumped) I got to see the manual for missionaries they used from the time he opened up missionary work in Jerusalem to the time they banned proselyting in 1984. So cool! He said we'd probably never see that manual again, at least until work with the Jews open up, but maybe not until the Savior comes. When I am off my mission we will have to come back and visit the Doolittle's. Daddy would have a field day with him!
Brother Doolittle always reminds us that as missionaries if we are worthy, humble, and obedient, we are ENTITLED to miracles, visions, and miraculous experiences. As members of the church, we are too, but especially as missionaries and we should strive to be open to these experiences. The Lord will reveal great things to those willing to listen and act upon His words.
The church is true! The work is hastening on! There are people out there for each of us, whether full time missionaries or not, that we are supposed to bring to the gospel. We just have to be bold enough because we love them, to invite them to come unto Christ.
Love y'all! I'll try and send a few pics!

My Valentine's Day cookies for
the Activity day girls!
My planner cover! Love me some Alex Boye,
Samoan symbols from Sister Loli, and Jefferey R. Holland

The view from our balcony at the Doolittle's

Our bedroom! Sister Loli has the daybed in the corner
and Sister Hale and I have the bunks.

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