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Did you know that Sacramento was the original place of the California Gold Rush? I'm so excited! See ya'll in 18 months, I'm going for spiritual Gold!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sacramento - Week 6

Due to the new security measures requested by the Mission leaders, the names of all investigators and people that Sarah comes into contact with will be replaced with the name of a well-known character from a children’s movie. This will keep the identities of people safe as well as make it easier to keep everyone straight. The name given is in NO WAY intended to reflect the personality, looks, or circumstances of the individual(s).

Monday, March 4, 2013 
Italics are additional explanation added for your benefit

It is a beautiful P-day in California! 

We just finished playing football at a park in the sunshine. It was lovely! Thank you for my package and for the pretty stamps! 
Sister Loli and I have to record Brightly Beams on the SD card and I will mail it to you. Maybe we can go do that today. Speaking of which, some of the other Elders in the stake said they have a member that would help us record it and has the equipment to write down our arrangement so maybe we will get to. Also, Sister Dalley who just got transferred out, is a back up singer for some Mormon singer in Utah and she said when she gets back she is going to tell her friend to have me come sing alto back up for her. Who knows, but flattering. Apparently, I'm an ok singer haha

Lots of new baby cows! Yay! How fun! You should send some pictures. Actually, could you take some farm pictures of the farm and animals etc. and print them off and send them to me? They would be nice to have because people are always asking to see them. 
Funny story, last night we were in the Library at the stake center and sister Loli said, "I'm just really trunky today." She was talking about being Pday trunky because it was Sunday night but we hear a voice from outside the library say "THOU SHALT NOT BE TRUNKY" We cracked up because it was our Stake President. He had overheard as he was walking by and, being a former mission president, had to give his input through the metal accordion window covering haha it was awesome. He is the best! 
My BYE book!
I made a BYE book on P-day. This is a book where all the missionaries and members you know that leave an area or when you leave an area sign and write their contact information and a note for you. It's a big thing we do in this mission and its lots of fun. It's like yearbook day every 6 weeks. 
Wednesday was the first day after transfers so it was really hard. We had to say goodbye to all of our missionary friends and it was very sad. We bought donuts to mourn and when we walked in Brother Doolittle says "That doesn't look very healthy..." And we said "NO! IT'S NOT BECAUSE WE ARE MOURNING!" and he just laughed at us. After we ate some sugar we felt better and also felt the need to work out but had to wait until the next morning.

We only have from 6:30 to 7 to exercise, which is hard because by the time we are all dressed we really only have 20 minutes.
Sister Hale and I with Elder Seumanutafa and our Purple Shirts
We got some awesome shirts made for our district with all of our former District Leader's sayings on it. It says "Let me tell you this. Pretty much..." (Which is how he started every sentence) and then on the back "Remember Your Purple" Which is what he would say when he was trying to tell us "Remember your purpose" 
So, as Dad pointed out, we do not have very many investigators. That's because we as missionaries have done everything we can do to find people. The area has been tracted out 3 times in the past 4 months and we have exhausted all our resources. We were praying as a companionship about what we could do to find more people and we had the inspiration to have an open house at our building. When we presented it to the stake, they loved it. Now it's a stake event for the four wards in our building headed up by the missionaries. 
There will be a musical night going on in the chapel. That's where the tour will start and people will come in and hear the music. Then they will visit rooms about baptism, the restoration, plan of salvation, and temples and families. They'll end in the cultural hall where the auxiliaries will have booths and information for people to get involved as well as family history, emergency preparedness etc. 
Our Signs!
The goal is for members to bring their friends to the open house and go through with them. To get our members involved and motivated, we created a 5 week plan with out ward mission leader: 
Week 1: Make a list of everyone you know that is less active or not a member of the church. Pray daily by name for the people on your list. 
Week 2: Pray specifically to know who from your list you should invite to the open house and if anyone is missing from your list.
Week 3: Pray for the people you plan to invite to have a missionary moment this week.
Week 4: Invite. 
Week 5: Follow up and attend open house with your friends. 
Our Signs!
We explained week one in all the auxiliaries on Sunday and had someone we had talked to before hand pray for their list in class. In Relief Society it was an amazing experience as a Sister prayed for her dear friends on her list. The spirit was so strong and all the sisters were motivated and ready to pray for their friends. 
Sunday night, we ran around in the dark with our ward mission leader, going from house to house hanging reminders to pray on all the members’ doors. It was so much fun. How many people get to run around like crazy people in the dark with their ward mission leader?
Friday was Brother Doolittle's Birthday! Our ward went and volunteered at a soup kitchen and Brother Doolittle loved spending the day serving people. We had a birthday party with the Doolittle's and the missionaries. We made homemade lasagna and black forest birthday cake (like a devils food cake with homemade whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate on top) SO YUMMY! 
The Elders had a baptism on Saturday and they asked me to play piano. President and Sister Skywalker were there too. Sister Skywalker pulled me aside and said, "I just wanted to thank you for your positivity. You are always friendly and smiling. I just find it so refreshing!" Made me feel good because some days it isn't as easy to smile as others, but I decided when I came on my mission that when I got up every morning I would A. thank god for being a missionary and B. put a smile on my face. Some missionaries are just so unhappy looking and I'm like "Hey, nobody is going to believe that you have the plan of happiness and the good news of Jesus Christ if you look so grouchy!" 
In other news, our investigator was supposed to come to church on Sunday but she didn't and when we went on Sunday to see her she wasn't home. We hope she is ok. We are going to try and see her today. 
Barbie and Ken, the 10 and 13 year old kids we’ve been working with (refer to Sacramento – Week 2, paragraph 7),  came to church on Sunday and...brought their new scriptures with them! We got the Bishop to give us scriptures for them from the Stake Library and we made them nice and bought them bookmarks at Deseret Book to give them. When they got them they were really excited, especially Barbie. I LOVE THOSE KIDS! Ken is 13 and reminds me a lot of James. Quieter but really snarky. He doesn't let on, but I know it is really hard for him not being baptized and not having the priesthood like his friends. We are still praying for a miracle and that their mom will let them be baptized. 
Sister Loli tried to teach us how to hula the other night. Did you know that when you hula it isn't all in the hips but is actually all in the knees? This is terrible, because I’m very good at moving my hips, but I’m awful at moving my knees, so I just move my hips anyways. 
So, I guess my takeaway for this week is to always have a good attitude. Being offended is a choice, and it is a stupid choice to make. There have been plenty of times on my mission where I could be offended, but I choose not to be. Then, when the hard times come where you don't want to be offended, but you are hurt and can't stop thinking of it, you have to get down on your knees and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I find myself on my knees a lot asking Heavenly Father to help me use the Atonement and give my feelings over to Christ. Guess what? IT ALWAYS WORKS. The atonement is real, and through its power we can overcome anything. We can be empowered, and we can be happy. 
I love you all! Have a wonderful week! Have a missionary moment!
(Mention you're Mormon, bear testimony, invite) 
Sister Burchett

Making our signs with Sister Doolittle!
My planner cover. I did this one
myself. It took me forever.
I'm terrible at crafts. 

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